Nerisha Petersen
Model (@Nerisha)
Limpopo South Africa
Pitch: "I really do believe I could become a model with close people by my side and all the support I can get and by believing in myself even if it's only in a few years. There isn't much opportunities but when I do get the chance to do modeling I will give my al"
Hii Guys ! :) hehe I'm Nerisha but you can call me Risha I'm alil on the shy side at times yet alil on the abnormal levels.I'm a young girl of an age of 17 tryna build up her modeling career,I've always had this crazy idea of becoming a professional model one day && I do believe that one day I'll fulfill my dream ,do it to the best of my abilities and make South Africa proud.Thanks for the love and support this far ! <3 buht Please do help me getting as many votes as possible

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